Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mojo went to daycare on monday, and subsequently got bathed.

I never thought it, but Mojo really can tell when he needs a bath. He's been sort of grumpy and blah lately, but after his daycare & bath he's all spry and chipper and such. He was looking a bit ratty before daycare, but he's a dog. Who knew that they'd care about general cleanliness?

One thing Mojo loves doing now is chasing squirrels. On the way to the park there's a tree with a bird feeder. Squirrels have figured out how to open the feeder, and so squirrely sit there and chow down. When Mojo comes they run farther up the tree, and Mojo runs around the base of the tree barking, and staring up at the squirrel.

One day Mojo almost got one, because it was on the ground scrounging around for seeds and didn't notice him. Mojo missed it by about a foot (whew!).

But most of the time they just kind of run a few feet up the tree and stare down at him. The bird feeder is about 4 feet off the ground, so they really aren't in danger. One of these days a squirrel will realize that, and taunt Mojo from its safe perch.

Anyway, it would probably be bad for Mojo to catch one. It would probably bite him, which would lead to blood, possibly some serious injuries, and a trip to the vet. On the other hand if he caught one, he'd kill it pretty much immediately and eat it, which might lead to some kind of funky infection and a trip to the vet.

So the status quo is pretty OK right now. Hope those squirrels don't slow down in the heat...

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