Monday, February 13, 2006

After the snowshoeing trip, Mojo had a lot of mats. Really, really big mats, mats that would have required a shave.

Well, we asked at the local self-service dog wash (AquaDog) about the possibility of using an anti-mat spray on him. The nice woman's opinion was that shaving would probably be better, becuase the mats were so big and close to the skin that it would be almost impossible to comb them out.

So we decided that we'd cord him and see what happens.

The Havanese book (over at describes speed-cording as basically letting your dog become one big mat, then sort of carving out the cords. Right now Mojo isn't quite one big mat. He's more like lots of big mats separated by hair. He's on his way, though!

Hopefully by the end of it we'll have a corded mojo. If not, we'll be getting a shaved Mojo really soon.

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