Sunday, March 26, 2006

These are Mojo before-and-after pictures. Before, he was really big and hairy. After, he's much less so. See for yourself!

When you cord a Havanese, they really seem to get bigger. Here's Mojo hunting a beef bone. Notice the wry and somewhat strange expression on his face. "What, bones again?"

This is Mojo corded, after the groomer. His cords are actually pretty nice, especially since we didn't start too long ago. I think this is after a month?

A better shot, with the sofa in the background.

From the top.

From the top, without the putting surface.

Dude, where's my hair?

As you can see, even Mojo realizes that the haircut may not have been the best idea.

In these pictures he really looks, well, terrible. He's the kind of dog that mothers use to scare their kids. "Don't feed barney table scraps or he'll get the mange!"

Spelunkers see all kinds of creatures that have adapted themselves to dwelling in caves. Mojo looks like one of them, except that he's in our living room.

"Look, it's eating!"

Actually, he really doesn't look that bad. It just takes time to get used to. The good thing is all his clothes now fit. In his hairless state he gets chilly easily, so he's clothed all the time now. And what fur he has left is really, really soft. When it grows out the hope is that it'll be a nice, soft coat.

And, of course, Mojo's still smiling!

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