Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's been a busy few days for the Mojo. First we went to the Companion Pet Fair, as we do every year. As always we picked up a whole lot of free food samples, though a lot less than in the previous years. He had a good time walking around, but he kind of petered out by the end (as did we). There were (or seemed to be) less vendors this year.

He also went to agility again! Whoo! Ela took him to the adoggonegoodplace's agility class, and it was a real agility class...unlike the 'other' class at the bark zone. He did a whole bunch of runs, and apparently had a great time. And the sign of a good agility run is that your dog sleeps when he gets home, which he did. That other day also involved a lot of running around in the back, which was fun for everyone.

One thing we learned at agility is that Mojo likes tug-toys more than treats now. They gave him a tuggable toy, and he really loved it as an agility reward. No more agility treats!

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