Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mojo went to the beach the other day, and had a great time! He swam, dug holes in the sand, ran around, and did all those mojo things that he does at the beach.

His hair's growing back in nicely. It's really soft, and that rough hair around his neck (about where a lion's mane would be) is smooth like the rest of his hair. Wonder where it went?

We're also walking Mojo off-leash more and more. He'll run away if he sees something to chase or say hello to, like a squirrel or another dog. But most of the time he's pretty good about staying around us. I guess it's only now that he knows that he needs to come back if he's called? It is nicer that we don't need a leash - he can sniff that spot all he wants, while we can just walk instead of standing impatiently. Plus, it makes it easier to run around, which is what it's about anyway, isn't it?

After doing a few agility runs and other stuff, it seems that Mojo's a lot smarter than he used to be - and is kinda bored. We need to figure out how to keep his brain more occupied. Due to our yard sale our furniture (and general stuff levels) are down, so it's harder to create any kind of challenge for Mojo when it comes to hiding/throwing his toys. Tricks work for a while, but what he needs is something that taxes is when his toy gets thrown into a mostly-inaccessible place or something like that.

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