Wednesday, May 03, 2006

With the yard sale over, we've gone back to a normal schedule. What's that mean? That means agility and daycare!

We brought Mojo to agility again, and I ran him a few times. The space is a bit small, but the course was really fun! He's really a fast dog, and adjusts really well. Normally on the see-saw (or teeter) I tell him to pause when the seesaw starts to tip, then tell him to go once it's down. Well after the 2nd run he stopped by himself - but before it started tipping! Arrgh!

He also stopped a lot, mainly because I was confused. There were a lot of turns and twists in the course, and he probably got frustrated and was like "well, this is pointless." Sigh. It was fun, though.

Then today he went to daycare. He doesn't seem as excited to go to adoggonegoodplace, though he does like it. At barkzone, he'd be rushing to get in. Here, he's excited to get out of the car, but he's not chomping at the bit to get in the door. Wonder why? I guess we'll bring him back to the barkzone and see what he does.

Still no pictures, things have been too busy lately. Maybe soon?

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