Monday, June 05, 2006

It's been since March since I posted any pictures of Mojo, so I'll try to do that today.

Anyway, we've moved Mojo to another daycare provider. A doggone good place just wasn't hacking it. It's always a bad sign when your dog wants to leave before he goes in. When we went there, Mojo would be excited to go in, but once we were in the door he'd be hopping on us trying to leave. That's not a good sign.

Maybe he was just bored? Who knows.

Instead, we're bringing him to Petsmart's day care. They opened it a few months back, and the neat thing is that the dogs are in this big glass room, so you can see them. The problem is that your dog can see you, which is distracting. When we did the temperament screen (which every daycare should do), he first was looking at us as if to say "hey, why is it that I'm here and you guys are over there?". Then we went off and hid behind the boxes of Milk Bones, and he started looking around a bit overwhelmed by all the dogs running around.

After a few minutes he went into one of the crates to get some personal space. How about that? After a few minutes, he was out, sniffing around.

At that point we took off to do some errands.

When we got back we had a little fun with him by trying to see him without him seeing us. We edged around some of the displays, and Mojo was there, just hanging around doing nothing. I popped out and walked across the display, and he perked up, trying to figure out if it was me. Then he kept looking in the direction that I went. Then Ela popped up, Mojo got all excited, trying to get out of the daycare area.

So far we've brought him there one more time, and he seemed to be OK with it. He still wants to go into Petsmart, which is good. Though it seems that he really does like the Barkzone better than any of them. We'll see, I guess.

I've got to start organizing the pictures, stay tuned!

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