Friday, July 28, 2006

Mojo had a surprise today: an early bath!

The showers here are big glass showers, with a door. When I shower Mojo usually looks in the shower, sitting on the bath mat. Today, though, he looked like he wanted to go in, so Ela opened the door. She's always teasing Mojo about going into the shower, and that he wants a bath. This time he went in and started lapping at the water. Did he think it was a waterfall? He was lapping at the falling water like he does at the waterfalls. Did he want a bath? He hasn't been washed in a while, and he went right in under the flow of the water. Weird.

Anyway, he went out then back in again, and was mostly damp - damp enough to need a towel dry. It was really bizarre. He got a dry and comb, and had lots of hair - enough for a small tennis ball. We never expected that he would really actively get a bath.

After all that, we looked in his bowl and yes, he had no water. Oh well.

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