Sunday, July 16, 2006

Why would Mojo be cooler with long hair? Because longer hair moves more in the breeze, when there is a breeze.

With short hair and wind, the wind doesn't really seem to penetrate to the skin - it just flows around the dog. With longer hair the hairs sway in the wind, which allows wind to get to the skin.

Is is for real? Well, look at a field of corn. When they're short they don't sway much. When they're tall they sway back and forth like crazy.

In any case, Mojo definitely isn't as hot as he was when we got here. I credit his longer hair, though it really be that he just got used to the hot weather.

We're slowly finding places to bring him, though it's pretty hard. We were at the La Mesa Dam Eco-Park last weekend. Mojo seemed to like being out, though he got really muddy (the rains have come, and are soaking everything). We walked in the UP park area too, but it's not as much fun as walking around in Oregon. Sigh.

Mojo seems to have adjusted pretty well. He stays at the house and plays with the yayas. I'm not sure what else he does, really. But what else do dogs do?

Adam & Mojo seem to have come to an arrangement of some sort. Mojo actually seems to have taught Adam how to play with toys in the first week, which I didn't know was possible. Before, when you threw a toy, Adam wouldn't really know what to do. Now if you throw it, Adam goes and gets it. He doesn't come back, though he does like being chased. How about that?

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