Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mojo had a haircut! He looks really good, and really seems to like having shorter hair. It's also softer than his long hair, and is easier to groom/pet.

He got a haircut because of some kind of ear infection. One day, we noticed his ears (inside) were red and had scab-like things around. I thought it was ear mites, because my old cat had ear mites. So we went to the vet, and lo and behold, he had some kind of bacterial infection in his ears. He also had flea dust and some kind of foot fungus thing. Yuck!

So we need to put drops in Mojo's ears for a while, and wash his feet with an antiseptic.

Where did this come from? Who knows. But we just discovered that his chickens were getting moldy, which is kind of bad.

Anyway, we got Mojo a new toy yesterday: a small squeaking ball that we called 'tetris'. It's his new favorite toy! It's about the size of a lime and fits well into his mouth. He played with it all last night and this morning. He'd make it squeak, then roll over on his back playing with it. Fun!

We also have a new trick, though now without the chicken we can't do it. We basically got Mojo to tell us whether he wanted beef jerky or chicken. We'd place the beef bag on the floor, and the chicken bag on the floor, and he'd go and sit down in front of the one he wanted.

I wondered whether he was really choosing or just sitting down in front of a bag randomly. So one night when he chose beef I asked him "chicken? chicken?" He got kind of anxious and pushed against the beef bag more strongly, saying "no, I want the beef you moron." Hah!

No more chicken because of the mold. We put the beef jerky in the freezer to stop mold, just in case. Oh well, there went a couple of pounds of chicken.

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